About us

We have a great dedication to service and our specialization is the design of routes,providing maximum exclusivity, high adaptation to the tastes of the traveler and a close, direct and flexible contact during the trip. We offer exclusive experiences in places only and always accompanied by the hand of expert guides, specialists and true connoisseurs of the environment.


We seek the peace of mind of our customers, so we are 24 hours at your disposal during the whole journey, this is one of the best reasons why we can offer you to travel with us, our adventurous spirit, but simultaneously perfectionist it makes we are always looking for new routes, offering trips to live and feel rather than see and above our target is that the traveller is involved the most experience involving travel.


Our routes are a reflection of this attitude clear. Offer you unforgettable memories,sensations that make you get excited, even with the passage of time, and always eager to offer alternate routes that convey you the essence of the country and its people.


We are constantly working on the design of their own routes, thus creating unique trips, with unique itineraries designed from the beginning to the end by our experts.


We offer custom-designed trips for independent travellers looking for:


Trust and honesty. Experience and professionalism. Native guides with knowledge of several languages. Experts in the area. Flexibility in the programming of the trip. Quality transportation. Special activities.


Our clients are independent of the world travelers who wish to travel to Morocco in a different way, without haste and in small groups (families, couples, friends…), but with the confidence and trust of sitting in a cozy place, joining for a few days of their culture, enjoying an amazing country full of contrasts. You can see the opinions of some of our travelers on TRIPADVISOR.


We help you to plan your route, but it is your trip to Morocco and therefore, you decide to visit, when to stop and duration of stops… a trip to Morocco to your air.


We offer you the opportunity to do many activities during your trip to Morocco such as visits to local Berber families, drinking tea with nomads in their caves, enjoy a Berber wedding, visit local cooperatives or associations that cooperateto the development in the area, visiting historical, and archaeological explorations camel tours, sleep in haima in the desert, accommodation in Berber with native families houses trekking, quad biking, rock climbing, mountain biking, make boarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing, painted with henna, stargazing, bird watching, and of course, haggling in the souks and local markets.


Feel free to contact us at any time, 24 hours, 7 days a week and we will respond the most rapid possible without commitment